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“A Mandala, the Sanskrit word for circle, is a geometrical design, expressive of the unity and wholeness of all Creation, a design which produces an effect on it maker. ” Frank Waters

The world inside us and the world around us are intimately related, inseparable, coemergent and coexistent.  What happens inside us is reflected in the world “out there” is reflected within our own inner landscape.

PERSONAL MANDALA    Creating a Mandala for yourself allows you to give direct expression to your inner most thoughts and expressions and produce an aid to your meditations that will help you to understand yourself in new and deeper ways.

Dawn will start with a harmonious ceremony to create an atmosphere to open your heart. Whether you are creating a Mandala to find new direction, discover parts of your life that need clarity or to change your life, the act of creating a Mandala is a healing journey.

Private Bookings with 10 or more people. 3 hours.  We come to you.

ALL INCLUSIVE – 55.00 – Includes beverages and snacks; meditation and amazing music



Express yourself authentically, explore and expand your creativity and discover what is in your heart.  No drawing or painting experience is necessary.  Let your intuition be your guide and your paint will flow with passion and ease.  This process of painting is very therapeutic and healing.  In this class you will not need to bring any Art Materials as they are all part of the package.  Discover the pure essence of your inner self.  Let go and let’s grow

ALL INCLUSIVE.  Private Bookings with 10 or more people. 3 hours.  We come to you.


2 hours 30 minutes



These workshops will bring a new spark to your life, a new approach, a new direction, a different perspective.  If it all sounds deep, it is.  These are times to delve into our most inner connectedness to each other, to animals, to earth.  

Supplies required (more info in September)

$45.00 per person



Two hour painting workshops on Canvas or Tile. We have 50 plus selections for your Painting Party OR you can select something of your desire.  45.00 each



Here are a few choices in tile or canvas. If you want to paint something other than these selections, just let me know. You can paint whatever you choose.


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