Discover Your Artistic Journey


Step into your Power and Tap into your Intuition

Ignore your Inner Critic and Create Without Rules

Discover Your Purpose and GROW



Definition of The Mindful Muse: One that is intrigued in discovering her natural creative abilities, nurturing the artist within through the adventurous journey of self discovery. As Picasso states “Every Child is an Artist.   Remaining an Artist when we grow up is the challenge.

We at the Mindful Muse come to you! Yes, that’s right….we come to you. Shed the stress and worry of everyday woes and cultivate a collection of your favorite pals and “Voila!” – a Painting Party is knocking at your creative doorstep! 

Our hours are as flexible as you are! We bring the studio to you and our lovely Dawn Mader, Owner, Artist and creative Instructor extraordinaire is ready to coax your artistic inner child to paint away your cares.

We offer workshops/parties/classes for women, men, children, clubs & groups. Dawn will take commissions if you require that special piece or she’d be thrilled just to offer a demonstration of how fun it is to be “artistic”!

Call Dawn today. She can be reached at 414-882-1430 and always, you will be greeted with her ever cheery, bubbly personality which will immediately become contagious starting your journey to discovering your Inner Artist.





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